NPMF 2017

Dear honored speakers, colleagues and our guests,

I’d like to personally welcome each and every one of you to the Neonatal/Perinatal Medical Forum (NPMF) 2017, in Vilnius.

First of all, our special thanks to Chiesi company, the sponsor of the teaching grant, the organizers, and honorable speakers in particular, who did find opportunity to come despite of their pressing schedules.

It is always great pleasure to see old faces as well as meet new professionals who have mutual interests and can share experience from different countries.

The agenda of the Neonatal/Perinatal Medical Forum 2017 covers a wide range of thought provoking topics in neonatology, such as respiratory support, feeding, infection, antibiotic use, brain damage, hemodynamic and etc.

It may sound ironic but the more sophisticated neonatology becomes the more challenges occur. With science, technology and medicine going hand in hand and developing with an incredible speed we are now able to use that for our advantage saving more our tiny patients than ever before. But it also creates new obstacles we have to overcome every day trying to help the most fragile members of our society.

Through this meeting we would like to engage with all of you in an open and constructive dialogue on some of these challenges to make us better understand our very special patients and give the best possible treatment as well as deliver new knowledge and best practices to each other and our colleagues at different countries and institutions.

With no doubt, this event will move us step forward in our every day jobs and will give us opportunity to better solve problems we face today.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for attending our Forum and bringing in valuable expertise to our gathering.

Prepare yourselves to be challenged, exited and inspired. At the same time try to find a moment to relax and enjoy the treasures of our beautiful Vilnius with its mesmerizing narrow old town streets, world famous churches and warm and friendly people.

I would like to wish you productive but also very pleasant stay in Vilnius.

Chairman, NPMF 2017

Arunas Liubsys, MD, PhD

Vilnius, Lithuanian

10 - 11 March

Bulgaria, Burgas, community Nesebar, VSG Siyana south, Svety Vlas st. 8256

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