About Us

About NPMF

The Neonatal/Perinatal Medical Forum is a yearly international scientific meeting held by experts for neonatologists of Central and Eastern European countries as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia, Croatia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and Belarus.

About 200 participants are attending each year. The aim of the meeting is to facilitate the exchange of practical and scientific information.

To encourage interactivity the lectures are run as workshops, so there are smaller groups. 4 workshops run in parallel and are repeated in the loop of the 2-days meeting. The meeting is held in English and Russian (simultaneous translation provided).

The focus of the conference is on current, practice related-themes in neonatology and preterm field in general. The main emphasis is on workshops and sessions, which run in parallel and are repeated in the loop of the meeting.

Our Goal

To create «Working groups» at next brenches: lung ventilation, studies of infection that affect newborns and their nutrition features.

Quantity of participants growth every year

Geography of participants

Bulgaria, Burgas, community Nesebar, VSG Siyana south, Svety Vlas st. 8256

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