Guidelines and Regulations


These guidelines are designed to ensure that all sponsors enjoy safe, comfortable and successful participation in the Congress. The guidelines are constantly updated to take into account changes in laws, codes of practice and regional regulations. With this in mind, we urge you to check that your understanding of the guidelines is current.


NPMF accepts closed meetings taking place outside the Congress center for the purposes of internal staff briefing. For small closed meetings, board meetings, discussion groups, clinical findings meetings, meetings with investigators and speaker briefings for symposia, approval from NPMF is not required unless the event is for more than 40 individually invited participants. Sponsors are entitled to host meetings for more than 40 participants for delegates they have funded to attend the Forum. Meetings must not take place during the Forum programme and must not compete with or dilute the value of the content of the NPMF scientific programme. Programmes for such meetings must be approved by the NPMF Office


Companies wishing to set up a lounge area outside the Congress center for their guests to relax, work, meet colleagues, take refreshments, etc., are permitted to do so provided the lounges are not used for activities clearly forbidden by the regulations. For meeting rooms and lounges within the Congress center. When organizing events and meetings outside the Congress center, please ensure that your meeting is approved by NPMF. If a sponsor is found to be in breach of the regulations, NPMF reserves the right to ask the sponsor to cancel or change the format of the meeting. In the unfortunate event that a company refuses to comply with NPMF regulations, the company will be liable for a fine, the sum of which will be at the discretion of NPMF. In addition, NPMF reserves the right to exclude the company from participation in any future NPMF events


Putting up posters and distributing flyers, abstracts or invitations outside a sponsor’s exhibition stand or industry session room is forbidden. All such materials will be systematically removed and destroyed. Any individual responsible for such activities will be asked to leave the Congress center. This policy extends to hotels and other public places in the city. All promotional materials to be distributed, shown or displayed during the Forum must be approved by NPMF in advance. It is also forbidden to set up promotional events, models, posters or branded structures outside the congress center or in any public places or areas of local interest such as train stations, market squares, parks and airports.



As tobacco is the major cause of lung diseases, NPMF Committee asks all participants and exhibitors to refrain from smoking or vaping in the Congress center, including meeting rooms, exhibition areas, poster areas, toilets, restaurants, cafeterias, bars and loading areas and within 50 meters of the main entrances/exits at all times. The restriction applies to all types of electronic cigarettes.


Children and members of the public are not permitted in the exhibition area or any room hosting an industry activity. In addition, NPMF asks delegates and faculty to refrain from bringing children into the Congress center unless using the NPMF childcare services. In the event that a member of public is invited to participate in the NPMF scientific programme, they should be accompanied by a qualified healthcare professional or NPMF representative observing the NPMF restrictions where appropriate.


NPMF wishes to protect the intellectual materials of those contributing to the Forum, prevent inappropriate material being made available to audiences outside the Forum, as well as protect its sponsors, exhibitors and delegates, and avoid blockages and logistical problems. Due to the increased number of requests from our sponsors regarding the filming of events and individuals, we are circulating the following guidelines for exhibitors and sponsors. Filming at the NPMF venue is permitted in the following circumstances only:

  • Filming of sponsor’s symposia
  • Filming taking place within your own meeting room
  • Filming of sponsor’s workshops
  • Filming in the grounds (car park etc) of the Congress center
  • Filming of sponsor’s own booth
  • Filming of sponsor’s press conference


It is the responsibility of the sponsor to assess and assure the level of insurance cover required to indemnify itself against all eventualities concerning their activities, equipment and staff during the Congress within and outside the Congress center. NPMF offers no assurances to the sponsor outside those expressed within specific contracts. Sponsors are obliged to check the level of cover required by the Congress center directly with the venue.

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